Myrtle Beach, SC


Our staff of tour planners and guides will assist you in developing an itinerary and direct your activities while you are visiting Broadway at the Beach and the Grand Strand. Our goal is to provide you with a one or two day itinerary that meets your goals and expectations for a trouble free and enjoyable field trip.


Wonder Works
An amusement park for the mind with 100 hands-on science and math exhibits. Be blown away by 74 mph hurricane winds, maneuver the controls of a NASA spacecraft to land the shuttle, lay on a bed of nails, pilot a fighter jet, design and ride your own virtual roller coaster, indoor ropes challenge course, compete in a game of laser-tag and much more! 

Ripley's Aquarium
Ripley's Aquarium has developed a number of fun, hands-on educational programs written to meet the state standards in the areas of math and science. Move through a see-through tunnel while fish and sharks swim above and around you. The Touch Tank is full of sea creatures such as the Horseshoe Crab waiting to be handled along with many other hands-on activities through the aquarium.

Medieval Times
History becomes alive within the walls of our 11th century-style castle. Medieval Times offers educational matinees for students that are sure to excite students and teachers alike. This is a place where knights of old joust for the favor of the fair maidens. 

Teachers and students visiting the Sky Wheel will love the 8-10 minute flight on one of the enclosed gondolas. Each gondola is climate controlled and comfortably seats up to 6 passengers. Students can enjoy the panoramic view from the Sky Wheel, truly one of the "must-see" field trip attractions located at the old Pavilion, followed by a dip in the Ocean or a walk along the Grand Strand.

Alligator Adventure
At Alligator Adventure you'll find yourself face to face with nature's fiercest and most beautiful animals including the World's Largest Crocodile! You will see an amazing array of reptiles, turtles, giant frogs, and exotic birds from around the world and the Feeding Frenzy of 300 alligators.

Educational Bonanza!
Add a second or third day to include activities on the NC Coast

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